Landmark Tower Dublín

Growing from the quay A structure emerging in the docklands A metal sculpture folded to be platform and tower An industrial element sheltering all the equipments needed Images projected on a welcoming screen announcing present events Music concerts, irish landscapes, news. A raised element leaving a free space that connects ground and water Restaurants, night clubs and shops under the platform Open air activities over it Restaurant terrace, expositions, performances… The vertical structure loaded of housing/working/green containers building up a tower An open system more than a established project Space is colonized by a structural scheme Functional cells settle in the void when necessary Housing, working… Not occupied space completes the rest Cinemas, gardens, common places… A great multifunctional, multisocial space The vertical city Housing, working, open spaces…in a vertical position. a tower.

Concurso 2003

Landmark Tower DublínNoelia Martínez Rodríguez